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Fishing Nets

Two nets and a jam jar, better than the radiogram, the telly, the i-pad and whatever gadget arrives for the next new generation. Some things remain perennial favourites.

The Bullfinch

Two children astonished by the fleeting appearance of a bullfinch right outside the window. Part of a seies of paintings exploring reactions inside and outside the window.

Making Chairs for the Fairies

Exploring the world of childhood imagination in colour and light. A painting as much about reminiscing as observing


A study in gesture and subtle tones.


Monochrome painting emphasizing the vivid colour of the peacock feather, symbolic of a display that masks true form.

Slow Moves

A study in gesture and subtle tones. Oil painting on panel 8″ x 8″

Teddy’s Marbles

Green and blue, white and gold, Ted’s marbles are marvellous to behold.

Hunting For Fairies

Are there fairies in the hollow tree at the bottom of the garden?   Oil painting on panel 12″ x 12″

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