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Authenticity in Painting

There are treasures everywhere we look, if we look with curiosity. With every painting I interpret what I find; if it moves me, enlivens me or tickles me, I want to share that feeling. I’m a dedicated technical painter, I learn every day and I teach and demonstrate art skills in person and via video.

Planting Trees

Part of every purchase goes towards growing and caring for trees in our local community. I am currently growing pear and plum saplings for a community orchard.

What's on the Easel?

You can follow me on social media for a glimpe of new works underway and life in the Elmhurst Studio…

Bear With Me

If this website looks a little odd, please bear with me, 

I’m working on it!!


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“Thank you, Amanda, for a wonderful demo, everyone at the club got so much out of it seeing how you built the image up, I think it’s the best demo we’ve seen.” Margaret


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There simply aren’t enough brilliant moments in life like this…..

When I’m painting children, I look at shapes and light and movement but I set out a palette accourding to the emotion I find there. I want you to feel the connection that I do… the joy in that puddle is far from brown and grey, this beautiful light makes me want to jump in there too!

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