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Develop your skills and confidence, enabling you to enjoy your painting time and to produce work that you are really proud of.


Demos and Workshops

I provide workshops and demos for art clubs around the UK, call 01664 851314 or email to find out more or book me for your club.

Live Demos from £95

Nothing beats seeing a work of art constructed live for demystifying the artistic process. These oil painting demos are intended to be both informative and entertaining, with knowledge relevant to every painter – even those who will never take up oils. I use only low odour oil painting products (unless a special request is made to demo some “Old Master” materials).

DEMO:The power of monochrome painting

A demo to inspire you to beef up the tonal range in your art! Painting using just black and white oils I’ll show how images without colour can be emotive and reveal new aspects of the subject matter. Here’s how to observe, simplify and amplify tone to make more powerful art.

Layering oils – a lively demo with audience participation

This whistle-stop tour of the stages of a layered oil painting is split into four 20 minute demos on four separate paintings of the same subject, each at a different stage. Audience members invited up at intervals to try different brushes and paints: opaque, transparent, light over dark, using different mediums, knife impasto and glazing. A good overview of oil techniques.

Little Figures

A photograph of a little boy or girl is transformed into a simplified study capturing radiant light and handling textures such as skin, hair and fabric. I’ll show you how to simplify a complex reference photo to concentrate on what is important using a logical palette based on the colour wheel and a set of observations to make which are easy to follow.

Whilst these are not skills one can hope to acquire overnight or in the course of one session of tuition, a successful learning experience is one where you leave the workshop able to do several new things and having demystified an element of painting theory. Technical knowledge should give you new insights into the techniques and devices used in the paintings you see in galleries, improving your enjoyment of art as well as the quality of the art you produce.

I believe in student focused tuition, enabling through demo – practice – review to encourage, inform and inspire your learning.

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If you would like further details of my demos and workshops including prices, availability, how many participants can attend and other practical info, please


or simply give me a call on 01664 851314 during office hours.


Basic Paint Handling

Which brush & meduim? A logical approach to oil painting – to get that feeling “I know what I’m doing, now I just need to practice it”
Painting bright light

Observing and translating tone, hue, colour temperature and saturation.

Realistic painting techniques


From composition skills to rendering beautiful detail.

Discover your own style


Working from your own reference and vision rather than copying existing art work or professional photos.

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