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  • In the twinkling of an eye….

    A portrait is the gift of a lifetime. Commissioning is simple and swift and your portrait, made to the highest standards and beautifully presented, will be on its way to […]

  • A loving memory…

    More than just a record of our likeness, portraits in oils have a vitality beyond one frozen image, they can describe our place in life, our journey through it, our […]

  • Childhood is fleeting, portraits are timeless

    Children are children for such a short time, how wonderful to have a permanent keepsake of their childhood days. My family mean the world to me, but we're hardly ever […]

  • Now and forever……

    Unchanging love, timeless style, an impression of one moment captured  to last a lifetime.

    Contemporary couple portraits are an affirmation of love and life together; informal, stylish and simply you. […]

  • An affirmation of position and achievement

    Official portraits are significant pieces of history, they become heirlooms to families, colleges, organisations and occationally to nations. Traditional portraits of office are rich in symbolism and gravitas, contemporary examples […]

  • Inspiring portrait possibilities

    Do you have a prized collection of rare Teddy Bears or a dog who thinks he is a human being? Perhaps you cat has trained you to fetch her a […]

Initial commission enquiry Things you might want to tell me or ask about:

Do you need your portrait by a certain date?

What are your initial ideas…. have you seen something you like? Send me a picture, photo or link

What approximate size are you looking for, framed or unframed?

If your portrait is to be a secret gift please do give me a number or email address to contact you on which won’t spoil the surprise!

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what you are looking for, I will email lots of ideas along with sizes and prices.


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-What customers have said:
“Thank you for the most beautiful portrait, it will become one of our most prized posessions and an heirloom”!

“So lifelike it brought tears to my eyes”

“The painting has been much admired by the whole family”

“Our Amanda Jackson portraits are much loved and a joy to have”

“It was not easy to find the portraitist that we felt happy to paint us, but the arrangements you made to come and see us in Cambridgeshire, and the final result, have fully vindicated our choice, and we are very pleased with the result.”