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    Secret Whispers

    Important secrets are worth keeping, or sharing with your very best friend.

    Original: Oil on Panel, Image size 16" x 20".

    Original painting available from the Alexander Miles Gallery Visit […]

  • Jasmine and Roses

    Lost in thought. The slightly impressinist, wistful setting calls into question whether this is a depiction of reality or the inner imagination of the girl depicted.

  • Well Travelled Ted

    With his battered suitcase and map of the World, old Ted has a tale to tell.....

  • Lovers Dance

    Lost in one another and the music and movement of the tango. The creation of a private universe happens in moments like these, with its own colour, heightened sensation and […]

  • At The Water’s Edge

    Shoreline boats, little leisure craft, bake in the summer sunshine. The cool water reflects a myriad of tiny suns back to us; though we cannot see the sky, its cloudless […]

  • Little Rag Doll

    No two rag dolls are ever the same, traditionally made from scraps of a family's belongings they acquire the character of that family and often seem quite human, irrepressible little

  • Fishing Nets

    Two friends with nets and a jam jar caught a tiddler.

  • Blissed Out

    A subtle figure study in the classical tradition, infused with a soft golden light. 24" x 36". Framed in a hand finished deep Sienna brown finished with a copper patina.

  • Glorious Light

    A sky like this is naturally stunning, approaching its likeness in translucent and vibrant layers results in a painting that seems to exude light and appears to shift its luminosity […]

  • Beach Days

    Happy carefree times.

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